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Welcome to my website!


My name is Kateryna Zozulia, I am makeup artist based in Paris.


During my childhood, people around me used to joke by calling me a makeup artist. When I was ten years old, I was doing my mother’s, sister’s and friends’ makeup. Thirteen years later, I decided to turn my passion into my job.


In 2016, I moved from Kyiv to Paris to study international economy. Living in Paris helped me to look deeper into myself, and inspired to follow my passion of makeup art.


In 2019, I graduated from the professional makeup school Le Conservatoire du Maquillage Paris.

Makeup is an amazing tool that allows me to communicate my vision of the world. The perception of woman is currently changing due to the political and social shifts, and to express that change through makeup is really powerful.


There are two things that inspire me the most. The people I meet, each face is unique and a whole new world for me to explore and to work with. And the colors and textures. Each time I see a vibrant mix of colors I can’t help myself but experiment.

I also like to create different hairstyles and using that dimension to enrich my work.

I see beauty as harmony between the inside and the outside of a person. Makeup allows us to express our true self, our thoughts, our moods and ideas.

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